Tuesday, October 28, 2014

getting ready for Halloween

                                       Helped a mom get her little princess ready for Halloween.

\Now to see what else I can get done tonight.
Happy stitching
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Taking a class

Image result for hawaiian quilts

sample that I found on line
Well a good friend of mine and I will be taking a Hawaiian Quilting class this winter. And the best part is that it will be in Hawaii. We got lucky and are in the last 2 spots for the day, sew we are very excited.
We will send our hubbies golfing while we take the class. Sew a good time will be had by all.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Just a thought for to day

This was sent to me by a friend and I thought I would like to share them with you.
That's all
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall... is in the Air

Well a few stitches happened here after the long weekend.
I did get the floor pillow put together and had enough leftover to make a mini floor cushion .... for those little bottoms to sit on. I still have to get he bean bag filler for the larger cushion. I used fiberfill stuffing in the smaller one and it worked out well.

I did also get a Christmas stocking made for a friend of our daughter's little fella.

And of course I was getting a few things put together at different stages for the class I will teach Monday night.
It is a lot of fun sharing my love of sewing with others.
I have been working on the tomatoes too .... only a couple more caners worth and I will be done with them for this year. I have tried something a little different.... jalapeno peppers in the tomatoes..... perfect for chili.

I was part of a Fall post card exchange and my partner was Eglea from Brazil ..... this is the lovely card she sent to me ........ I just love the thread painting that she did on it and how it captures the falling leaves.
Thank You Eglea I just love it!!!

here is the one I sent to Eglea
from the idea to finished post card

A big thanks goes out to Sheila for organizing another swap.
Well thanks for stopping by
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Monday, October 6, 2014

1st night of classes

I have been putting a few things together for my students for our sample class tonight and a few items that I have made to give them ideas of what they could do in some of the later classes.
goodies for class
see the little strawberry pin cushions from last year's hop
I thought I would give one to  the ladies 

 This will be a 4 night class that will start with samples and a couple of projects and then a project of choice.
I am hoping to impart a love of sewing to my students and a willingness to be creative and see where that leads them.
I want to make 2 one out of denim and one out
of the fabric below 
As for a new project for myself I have found this pattern by Indigo Junction.

And now I have everything to get started..... except the time ...lol
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

doing my homework....

and the class has not even started yet!
Sew this is what teaching the class is all about.  Just a little extra play time at the sewing machine.

I will be teaching a learn to sew class here in town. I hope the ladies enjoy learning about their machine and creating with them as well. I know the class will be more fun after we get the samples out of the way. I feel it is important to have the samples to refer back to when doing other projects on your own.

I have also been part of a swap for Fall Post Cards, mine is in the mail to Brazil. Here is just a peak....

I'll post it after it arrives.

Have a great week and stay in stitches

Monday, September 22, 2014

World Wide Blog Tour

Thank you Sheila  at Sheila's Quilt World for nominating me in the tour. She is a fabulous gal and friend. She may live a long ways off but we did get to meet a couple of years ago .... lucky for me that she has family here in the prairies. Always stitching up something, from hand quilting to red work and embroidery and of  course post cards. She love those little guys sew much that she has but  many post cards swaps together over the last couple of years.
a couple of the stitchery quilts that I have received for Sheila 

As for my part of  the tour I am to tell you a little about myself and what I like to work on as well as what I am up to at the moment.
Sew here we go.
I am a gal that has loved to sew forever. I remember grabbing mom's scraps and a needle and thread and making some very interesting clothes for my dollies. And that love of fabric has not changed to this day...... my stash can tell you that at a glance.
I do love to try new things and ideas. Last year I help head up a community project with local artists and quilters. A combined effort created a fantastic wall hanging which is hanging in the local seniors  home. This project had us all stepping outside of our personal comfort zones but all I could say in the end was WOW! and those who worked on it want to know when we can do this again.
Here is what we came up with.....
As what is my personal style , I could not pin myself down to just one type. I do a little of everything sew I guess I am still developing my style. I have designed some patterns and quilts as well. I even tried entering a contest through McCall's Quilt in 2012. With all the support of bloggers and friends I did make it to the finals and was in the last 10 participating in the professional category in the challenge. Check out their site to see all the quilts and challenges that we competed in.McCall's Quilt Design Challenge 2012  check out the gallery and you can see all the entries on all of the levels
Here are the first and last quilts of mine from that time.
Jewels of the NIght the one that got me started

Holding on...
the one that made it to the magazine

I do love to take a class from time to time as you can always learn something new from the teachers and the students alike. I also teach a few classes every year. for the classes that I teach I like to design a few projects for the students. I just love the energy that you get in a class room whether you are teaching or taking the class.
Now for the projects that I am working on at this time.
I am always working on a quilt it seams and this past year or sew I have been working with a friend on quilts for Victoria Quilts Canada, these quilts are for cancer patients check out their site to see what they are more about or if you are in need of a quilt to request for a friend or loved one.
I am also working on hospital gowns for our ladies church group .
On the quilting front I am working on a set of block of the month blocks .
6 down 14 to go

as well as getting ready to teach a learn to sew class for next month. I am looking forward to sharing my love of sewing and quilting with my classes. And of course I to love to make and swap post cards.
post cards for one of the swaps I was part of

I am sad to say that I have not found anyone that has the time at the moment to nominate, but I do have a friend that has been nominated and will be posting on the 29 of Sept. Sew I thought I would introduce her to you and ask that you pop on by her site next Monday to see what she is up to and what she is working on at this time, That friend is Marjorie a wonderful hand and machine quilter who also has done a quilt for me that I truly love using.
 She lives on the other side of the country in New Brunswick, and from what I have seen on her blog is one busy lady. Sew stop in and have a visit with her,at Marjorie's Busy Corner

Well that's a bit about me and what I like to do when the  stitch moves me.
Thanks for stopping 
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