Friday, June 24, 2016

a little me sewing

The other day I got out some sun sensitive dye ,that I have had on hand for a while, and did a little project for me..... just a little play time :0)
I started with a tank top I like and made a pattern off of it and then cut fabric and set it in the sun with some leaves and over the next day I had a new top
my starting point
finished top ready for Canada Day

now I want to play a bit more with other items and other colors.

next I cut out some Capri pants for the summer  ... now to get them sewn.
That's it for now thanks for stopping by
 Have a great weekend
in stitches

Thursday, June 16, 2016

stitching away in June

Hello to you all.
This month is flying by, spring is turning into summer and oh how we enjoy that. Even with the nice warm temps out there I have been finding time to sew, not always getting a post done :0( but I will try to do one a week to keep in touch.
In the last little while I have stitched up a bunch of bags with elastic tops ...... mystery bags for her classroom and when talking to her tonight she also used some for story stones that the kids made in class. So now the kids can share their stories through the story stones with their families.
I did a couple of classes with Pat Pauly ..... what a fun class

the first of my big leaf blocks

improv class
to me this is a slough in a farmers field
now to stitch it
from the improv class.....
not finished yet
 and not sure what will be next
but I am having fun finding my way with it
I did a few more splendid sampler blocks
finished piecing the top of the Craftsy BOM
did a little more sewing for my niece
now to try and get my sewing space tidied up a bit
 and stitch a few more of the splendid sampler blocks, when I am not at work or in the garden or gone fishing at the campsite.
sew for now that's all
in stitches

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Quilting with Pat

Yesterday we had a great time doing Pat Pauly's Big Leaf class. She was just sew much fun go be around. And the ladies in the class were just great, sharing ideas as well as their fabric.
Pat really helped us all look at colour a little differently and taught us that what may have planned for a fabric or colors just might not be the choice you end up using. One tip was to us scraps of fabrics in approximate size and shape.
Pat had a lecture again in the evening which I found very interesting. She is a contemporary art quilter and has some wonderful pieces... here are a couple from last night.
Sorry technical difficulties... due to I can't pull the photos over from IPad. :0[
More later after her Improv class today
In stitches
Pat Pauly from Rochester New York,
With her Big Leaf quilt

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A few stitches for a friend

Today I am looking forward to taking a class with Pat Pauly from New York. It is a class with piecing using freezer paper to build is your pattern on ,cut apart,sew on and re assemble.. Tomorrow I will be taking her improv class, with my bags of scraps.

On another topic I have come across a great pattern and cause. It's a little something that a few friends of mine could use and I am sure you have one or two that would give them a try as well. It is a knitted breast prosthetic. The organization is called Knitted Knockers , they have groups in different countries that one could contact if you were in need of a "knocker"
or wanted to knit or crocheting for them. This organization started in the USA and there are several patterns and videos on their site. The pattern is easy to follow and with the small ball of yarn I picked up I was able to make 2 and there should be enough for 1/2 of one more.

I have already been to a friend's home and we got one fitted and stuffed to make her feel great. She can hardly wait for me to drop them off. She can not believe how light they are. I will give more feedback as she uses them through the summer.

I will  be linking up with Needle and Thread Network.

Have a great day and of course, stay
In stitches

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Stitches Conference 2016

I can hardly wait The Saskatchewan Stitches Conference is about to start. Some classes start in the morning and run for  10 days. I will be taking a ruler work class this weekend and the a couple of classes with Pat Pauly from New York. The teachers come form all over , across Canada , Untied States and sometimes even over seas. We are sew very lucky to have all of this right at our finger tips.

As I get myself ready I have been getting a couple of things done too. I have the runners from my class quilted. I came across a couple of blocks left over from a baby quilt and the fabric and now I have a baby quilt ready to quilt. I have another Hawaiian block ready to stitch, and I have gotten started on the wool wall hanging. I am trying to get caught up with the Splendid Sampler and the BOM on Craftsy.  It's kind of funny how just planning on going gets you inspired to get things done.
I am looking forward to getting recharged at the conference and seeing all the other ladies doing the same. That all for now I will try to post a little over the week while I take in the different classes.

Stay in stitches I know I will be ........

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bargello class is a wrap

The last 2 Tuesdays I was teaching a class at our local community college. We did up a runner using the Bargello technique. The pattern was based on the Row by Row pattern  that the 4 40 Quilt Shop, in Saskatoon, had last year. Jackie the shop owner was very kind  and let us use her pattern as a starting point for our runner.
Here is the class pic I took of my lovely ladies and their runners.

Sew many color choices and sew many great runners. I am very proud of you all and what you accomplished in 2 nights. For some this was their first quilt project!
I also made a couple more Bargello runners for samples that now need to get quilted.

Yesterday we has a light rain throughout the day and now it is a light snow the is starting to gather on the roof tops and a little on the grass....... oh well it is moisture and the snow will be short lived I am sure.
Sew if this is your weather today as well stay cozy and stay ........... in stitches

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

spring rain :0)

Well we are getting a little spring rain this morning ...... much needed as it has been sew dry sew far this spring. You can see the grass greening up and the trees in leaf and some in flower.... sew pretty.

Sorry that I have been in the missing mode for a while , I have been under the weather and still in a fog. I have been getting some sewing done but not near what I am used to doing.

The Splendid Sampler is keeping me busy I think I have 5 to catch up on but here is the last one I did ( not in order ) it was for Derby Day

I also received a wonderful little kit from Sheila ( from Sheila's Quilt World ) for my birthday to get me started with working with wool. Last night I got it all cut out and ready to stitch. I saw somewhere that you could staple baste your wool sew that is what I did ....... looking forward to stitching this cute little bell pull.
thanks Sheila

That's all for now I will try to keep in touch with you all even if my head is still in a fog with this bug.
I almost forgot   I am linking up with Monica and the gals at Needle and Thread Network , stop on by and see what everyone has been up to..... see you there ;0)
in stitches and hugs